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 Hello! and Welcome

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Leader - Blade Master
Leader - Blade Master

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PostSubject: Hello! and Welcome   Hello! and Welcome EmptyWed Feb 17, 2016 12:58 am

Welcome to Yorozuya clan!

Hey my nickname is Gintok¡/ara and i am proud PvE blade master on Wild Springs server, serving as the leader of Yorozuya clan.

We are a Crimson Legion clan on Wild Springs server, we are mainly playing PvE dungeons and open world, end game dungeons and secondarily PvP.

We strive to be an active clan, always looking for new members, and therefore our current requirement is 500AP and being able to do 4man Heroic Dungeons.

A very common question i get from players and new members is: What does the clan name mean? Where is it from? To answer this, the clan name is
from a gag/shounen Japanese anime series called Gintama and the meaning of Yorozuya is the following:
-Yorozuya is an Jack-of-all-trades business more commonly know and the name meaning is literally 'house of 10,000 business'
-A more wikipediash answer : Yorozuya (万事屋) ; 'yorozu' (万), whose literal meaning is 10,000, but is commonly used to mean 'myriad', 'various', 'many', 'everything', 'anything under the sky' (事) meaning 'matter', 'business' ya (屋) meaning 'house/hut', 'shop'

We aren't a very alt friendly clan, that means we prefer people with main character on our clan than having alts from other clans that are not active, therefore those wont have a priority in joining us.

We are open to any suggestions/organized events that our members will propose or other clans want our cooperation with /pm Gintok¡/luke in game for that, or post on our forum.
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Hello! and Welcome
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