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 Information about veterans/adv jobs

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Information about veterans/adv jobs Empty
PostSubject: Information about veterans/adv jobs   Information about veterans/adv jobs EmptySun Jun 05, 2016 1:50 am

In order to keep the clan organized and working properly the following veterans are responsible for:

Leader- Gintoki: Handling important clan matters, supervising over each category and helping where is necessary, organizing the clan(rules, important events, etc) recruiting new members, kicking members, taking care of the forum, discord and all the other necessary similar things.  

Advisor- Lukejka: Recruiting members , kicking members, handling the weekly donations on Sunday together with the leader, clan management, taking care of the forum, suggesting clan events, managing the ''Black list''.

Veteran- Inkz: Recruiting members, taking care of Clan events, suggesting clan events.

Veteran- DontHitNoobs:Recruiting members , handling pellet, other clan crafts, clan events.

Veteran- Poizun: - On vacation currently abunai guy is playing on her acc, rip.

Veteran- Semperdickus:Recruiting members, tracking member activity, donations, clan events.

Veteran- Goddes Nyx:Recruiting members, helping in all related fields when other veterans are offline, Helping Gin with mails, advertising and pming members about clan related issues.

Veteran- Koyuma:Recruiting members, taking care of Clan uniform, mask, head adornment.

Contact them regarding their assigned roles, if you have any questions, need help with that category.

Recruitment procedure:
Are you able to type in english decently-fluently?
Are you familiar with pre endgame-endgame dungeon content?
How Active are you?
Inform them about donations, and how the clan runs go in general.
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Information about veterans/adv jobs
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