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 Some basic rules!

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Some basic rules! Empty
PostSubject: Some basic rules!   Some basic rules! EmptyWed Feb 17, 2016 2:36 pm

1. Respect the leader, advisor and veterans, they will respect you back, or not if you don't do it either.
2. No ninja looting i don't like and tolerate that and hate people who do it, don't want to be known as a ninja clan so refrain from such actions if you wish to be in this clan.
3. Don't flame each other and act like a spoiled brat or create unnecessary dramas no matter if the guy you are flaming is a recruit/member/vet etc, joking  is fine, that is something else entirely.
4. Agree to the loot split table of the clan runs you are joining, usually the loot is gathered by a high rank/trusted member and split evenly afterwards, outfits do not abide by these rules, its a bid war if everyone wants it and doesn't have it unless there is an agreement.
5. Try to help each other if you can, but don't beg for free gold,materials don't be mean to the new recruits sometimes answering a question matters.
6. Don't be the guy that joins and then spams the chat as much as he can, and spams members individually about useless stuffs.
7. Do not ask for rankups you will not get them, there are a few ranks and getting to veteran is a hard and long way, the rank of member is given after one week since you joined and if you show signs of wishing to stay in the clan.
8. There is a weekly donation tax of 30 soulstones mailed/traded to leader/advisor via mail/trade and kept in storage to be used as future crafting funds/pvp/pve/fun clan events.
Every player that wants to join needs to agree to this, as they are being part of the clan, upon not donating you will receive a total of 3 warnings.
9. Use English in clan chat.

Disrespecting any of the rules is punishable in different ways.
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Some basic rules!
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