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 Crafting: HM Pellets

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Leader - Blade Master

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PostSubject: Crafting: HM Pellets   Thu Apr 21, 2016 3:27 pm

Contact with DontHitNoobs.

HM Pellets crafting list.

Green: Donate Materials
Violet: Confirmed Materials
Red: Didnt Pick Pellet within 24H

1. Batch: Poizun, DhN, Kuro

2. Batch: inkz, semper, Trez

3. Batch: yuma, apuri, kindeer

4. Batch:thecloudlee, lukejka,poi summ

5. Batch: Nyan shan, xFireForcex , Ailthea

6. Batch: Saosumi, Abdel, STISOULIA,Gintoki

7. Batch: Zib,Semperdecus,Saosumi

8. Batch: Kotorii Itsuka

If you wish to be added on the next crafting batch list tell the responsible veteran to write your name up.

You can see the total required materials in game a split in 3 would look like this:

1x Gold
x33/x34 Soulstone
x7 Faction Insignia
x5 Naryu Silver
x7 Yellow Hibiscus Extract
x50 Moonwater Valor Stone
x1 Training Certificate
x17 Moonwater Refining Stone
x5 Siren Emblem

You have 24 HOURS to pick up your pellets from the time they are crafted.

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Crafting: HM Pellets
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